Although we would love to say that we just woke up one morning and knew all there was to know about booze, it would be a pretty big lie. If it weren’t for the wonderful mentors we’ve met along the way, we would still be stuck on post number one. Check out the posts below to meet them!
We also have all of these lovely people to thank.

December 15, 2014

Put This Tipsy Textbook Under Your Tree

We’ve been studying booze for exactly a year and a half. That’s 16 months of late night Wikipedia searches, learning from Supply Teachers, interviewing Profs and frantically …

April 14, 2014

Do You Even Brew, Bro?!

DO YOU EVEN BREW, BRO?! Did you know that there’s a revolution happening right under our noses? Toronto craft beer professionals and novices are beginning to experiment with …