Being a Beer Yogi

March 31, 2016

There once was a time, not too long ago, that we would have laughed at the idea of a Yoga and Beer event. Huh? Beer yeah. But yoga? Really?

It’s not that we have anything against yoga. It’s more so that you can usually find the two of us giggling our way through warrior one to seven. Oh there’s not a seven? SARRY. We sometimes find it hard to take things seriously. Come on, you have to laugh a little when you realize there’s an entire pose dedicated to just lying there!


So here we were with this wacky idea to combine it with beer and just roll with it. And did it ever turn out to be a good idea! We’ve now held 10, completely sold out events! What?! Apparently there’s a bunch of die hard yoga and beer fans out there! Or maybe people just like to really work for their beer.

Over the course of the year, our perspective on yoga has changed a little too. Our events are about connecting with our fellow beer yogis over a beer and a Sunday stretch. There’s just something about a cold beer waiting for you at the end of a session that makes yoga a little less of a struggle!

This month we’re putting all those good times towards a good cause, which is why we decided to team up with The Shoebox Project for our next Detox to Retox. The project is all about giving back to women who sometimes don’t get to indulge in a little luxury. Now there’s one more reason to land yourself on a mat on April 17th at Left Field Brewery!


Alright! Enough mushy stuff! Just because we’ve admitted to being total Teacher’s Pets this month doesn’t mean that we’ve gone full hippie on y’all. We still laugh at how ridiculous we look in happy baby, and practically cry when we have that first sip of beer after an agonizing (don’t worry, we’re being dramatic) hour of yoga, but now during the shavasnas, you’ll be able to find us pondering the meaning of life thinking about just how cool it is to have created a fun space for people to get #bendyforbeer.

Dubbed as the Tipsy Teachers, we ask the questions we were once too afraid to ask; what’s the difference between ales and lagers? Shaken and stirred? Do bitters make your drink bitter? Wait… you’re supposed to sip tequila? What’s on tap and what does draught even mean?

Before starting out on this boozy adventure, we found ourselves ordering the same drink all the time and came to the conclusion that there’s more to life than a vodka cran. Now we’re on a mission to learn all things alcohol and share our new knowledge with our readers!

Join the class to learn all about this wonderful, and sometimes confusing, world of booze.