Whisky In A Teacup

February 5, 2015

Ladies! Boys! Friends! There is an important day coming up and you need to be prepared…to drink in style. Whether you’re spending it alone, on a romantical date, or curled up watching cheesy movies with friends, Valentines Day is one to be enjoyed with all things sweet. If you’re anything like Rachel, you’ll be wearing hot pink pants with conversation hearts falling out of your pockets.

But let’s talk about serious things (even though V-Day candy is at the top of our priority list). What will you be drinking? We’re planning on sipping Blueberry Tea ‘till we turn the Pantone Shade of ‘08. What will we be drinking said cocktail(s) out of? Why classier than Leonardo DiCaprio classy Teacups of course!

These ‘lil guys make the perfect Valentines Day gift. Got a grandma? She’ll love them! Got a hunny? Make her swoon at your creativity. Got yourself? Perfect. The best thing about this art class is that no actual skill is required. Okay, having a steady pouring writing hand is a must. Probably knowing how to spell too. All ya’ ghatta do is follow these easy steps and you’re on your way to Valentines Day bliss.


Upcycled Teacups

savour your Valentines Day in style

Thrift Shop Teacups

Porcelaine 150 Pens (we got ours at Walmart)


1: Go to a thrift shop (be sure to dodge the crazies if you happen upon the same store that Ashley did). Head straight to the section with their finest china and pick out a cute vintage set. We recommend a good ratio of florals to gold accents. Something that says classy and sophisticated with a hint of crazy cat lady – it’s a very popular aesthetic these days.


2: Take them home and wash them well! Who knows who’s lips these things have been kissing. The last thing you want to share with your love on Valentines day is a matching set of venereal diseases. Hot mess.


3: Here comes the hard work. Practice what you’re going to write on a piece of blank paper. Don’t freak out, this craft isn’t too pressure heavy. You have a good 20 minutes before the porcelain pen ink dries. Before that you can rinse and repeat until you’ve reached hand drawn Helvetica perfection.


4: With a steady hand and a pure heart, write your message onto the teacups. We went with a couple good old alliterations (typical VDay) and wrote “Tea Time” and “Happy Hour” on the saucers. The inside rim of our teacups have some encouraging words to match the liquid courage they contain- “Bottoms Up” and “Drink Up”. Everyone needs a little pep talk on Valentines Day.


5: We left ours to dry for 72 hours (follow the instructions on your porcelain pens).


6: They’re ready to go! Your romantic evening is 90% done. Fill these with a cocktail and you’re sure to charm that special someone.

Dubbed as the Tipsy Teachers, we ask the questions we were once too afraid to ask; what’s the difference between ales and lagers? Shaken and stirred? Do bitters make your drink bitter? Wait… you’re supposed to sip tequila? What’s on tap and what does draught even mean?

Before starting out on this boozy adventure, we found ourselves ordering the same drink all the time and came to the conclusion that there’s more to life than a vodka cran. Now we’re on a mission to learn all things alcohol and share our new knowledge with our readers!

Join the class to learn all about this wonderful, and sometimes confusing, world of booze.

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