We Got Bendy for Beer at Detox to Retox!


Unless you live under a rock, you probably heard that this past Sunday we did something a little outta the box. We’ve always been ones to shove our New Years resolutions under the rug by January 2nd, but we were determined to keep our spirits alive. There wasn’t a better way to resolve to stay healthy, while also partaking in one of our favourite activities: drinking beer.

Detox to Retox, a yoga session followed by a flight of beer (and a surprise brewery tour!) was one of the best ideas we’ve come up with to date. Except for of course, this brilliant idea.

Hosted by our lovely friends at Amsterdam Brewery, we teamed up with Snanondoah of Twenty Something in Toronto to create first Detox to Retox of it’s kind in Toronto…maybe even the Nation, but we don’t wanna brag.

Scroll through the photos to see what you missed out on and psyche yourself up for the next one. That’s right, you’re invited! (date TBD)

A special thanks to Carlyle for leading a fabulous flight tasting and brewery tour! Detox to Retox ain’t over! We’ll be hopping from brewery to brewery to let the legendary afternoon live on. Can’t wait that long to see us? No worries! We’re super excited to announce our other event, Bourbon & Chocolate: A Love Story (much like Beer & Cheese: A Love Story) taking place on February 12th. Details and ticket pricing will follow shortly. But for now, stay warm booze buddies! Namaste ;)

Dubbed as the Tipsy Teachers, we ask the questions we were once too afraid to ask; what’s the difference between ales and lagers? Shaken and stirred? Do bitters make your drink bitter? Wait… you’re supposed to sip tequila? What’s on tap and what does draught even mean?

Before starting out on this boozy adventure, we found ourselves ordering the same drink all the time and came to the conclusion that there’s more to life than a vodka cran. Now we’re on a mission to learn all things alcohol and share our new knowledge with our readers!

Join the class to learn all about this wonderful, and sometimes confusing, world of booze.

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